Genesis Crypto Firm Struggles To Stay Afloat Amid Market Volatility

– Crypto lending firm Genesis held $5.1 billion in liabilities in the weeks following its freeze on withdrawals in November.
– The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York provided a breakdown of Genesis’ financial state heading into its restructuring.
– Genesis became the latest crypto firm caught up in the immediate fallout of FTX’s implosion, with three of its entities filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

Crypto markets were abuzz today as Bitcoin rose 6% to trade at $22,300, while Ether was also trading up 5% to $1,640. Equities closed up, indicating a continued bullish trend in the market. However, one crypto firm has been feeling the heat of the market’s volatility.

Genesis, a crypto lending firm, has been struggling recently, with $5.1 billion in liabilities in the weeks following its freeze on withdrawals in November. In a first-day motion in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York, interim CEO Derar Islim provided a breakdown of Genesis’ financial state heading into its restructuring.

The company has become the latest crypto firm caught up in the immediate fallout of FTX’s implosion, with three of its entities – Genesis HoldCo, Genesis Global Capital LLC and Genesis Asia Pacific PTE. LTD – filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection late Thursday. Islim said that the collapse of FTX and sister company Alameda sparked a “run on the bank”, with customers demanding Genesis repay $827 million in loans, forcing its lending units to freeze withdrawals.

The filing outlines $2.9 billion of Genesis’ liabilities, including $1.6 billion in receivables, $820 million in liabilities to customers, $190 million in liabilities to creditors and $100 million in liabilities to shareholders. Islim also noted that Genesis’ total liabilities may be higher than the amount detailed in the filing.

The filing is the latest in a string of bankruptcies in the crypto space. It remains to be seen how the firm will fare in the coming months, but it is clear that the company is struggling to stay afloat. As the crypto markets continue to be volatile, it is important for companies to take steps to mitigate the risk associated with the industry.

Stellar Development Foundation Owed $13M in Genesis Bankruptcy

• The Stellar Development Foundation was revealed to be among the bankrupt crypto lending desk’s largest creditors with a claim for $13 million.
• The foundation has confirmed it loaned around $13 million to Genesis in 2022, but described the sum as “immaterial” in relation to the rest of its treasury.
• The Stellar Development Foundation currently holds 30 billion XLM to be used for promoting and enhancing Stellar, with the paper value of its treasury estimated to be above $200 million.

The Stellar Development Foundation, a nonprofit organization set up to promote growth on the Stellar blockchain, has been revealed to be among the largest creditors of the bankrupt crypto lending giant Genesis. According to bankruptcy filings, the foundation has a claim for $13 million against Genesis.

The foundation has confirmed the loan, saying that the loaned amount of $13 million to the lending desk in 2022 is immaterial when compared to the rest of its treasury. The Stellar Development Foundation currently holds around 30 billion XLM tokens, which gives it a paper value of over $200 million.

The entanglement between the Stellar Development Foundation and Genesis is the latest fallout from the crypto lending desk’s bankruptcy filing. Genesis had been operating since 2018, offering crypto-backed loans to customers in a variety of currencies.

However, due to a variety of factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, Genesis was unable to keep up with its loan obligations and had to file for bankruptcy in January 2021.

In addition to the loan to the Stellar Development Foundation, Genesis has also received numerous other creditors who are seeking repayment. Among the larger creditors are, the company behind the EOS blockchain, and overseas exchanges FTX and OKEx.

In response to the bankruptcy filing, the Stellar Development Foundation has stated that it is working with Genesis and its creditors to ensure that the process is handled as fairly and efficiently as possible.

The Stellar Development Foundation is committed to ensuring that its loan to Genesis is repaid in full, and that its own interests are taken into account. The foundation is also continuing to actively support the Stellar blockchain, and its mission to promote growth on the platform.

Ultimately, the Stellar Development Foundation’s involvement in the Genesis bankruptcy serves as a reminder of the risks associated with crypto investments. While the foundation expects to be repaid in full, it is important to note that these types of investments can be highly volatile and unpredictable. Any investor considering such investments should be aware of the potential risks.

Media Markt and Sky Team Up to Offer Customers Unparalleled Entertainment Solutions

The entertainment industry is evolving and grow, two of Europe’s top entertainment and technology providers, Media Markt and Sky have joined forces to offer their customers most comprehensive entertainment options. Media Markt is the leading electronic retailer in Europe and Sky is the leading provider of pay-TV services across the region. Both companies have formed strategic alliances with each other to offer customers the very best on entertainment, technology,, and technology.

What is Media Markt?

Media Markt is a leading electronics retailer with operations in a variety of countries across Europe. Established by the company in 1979 Germany Media Markt was later able to expand its business to other countries, such as Austria, Belgium, France, Poland, the Netherlands and Spain. It has a broad range of items, including computers, televisions gaming consoles, smartphones appliances for the home, and many more. Media Markt is known for its low prices, wide choice of items, and friendly customer support.

What is Sky?

Sky is among the most prominent provider of pay-TV in Europe. The company was established in 1989, and operates throughout its home countries of the UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Sky’s offerings consist of Sky TV, Sky Go, Sky Talk and Sky Plus. Customers can pick among a wide range of options, which include movies, sports, and entertainment. Sky also provides a variety of services on-demand including Sky Store, Sky Box Office and Sky Cinema.

What Do the Two Companies Offer?

Each of Media Markt and Sky offer various services and products for their customers. Media Markt provides customers with an array of electronic products such as computers, televisions and smartphones, gaming consoles along with home equipment. Sky offers its customers a wide range of pay-TV options that include Sky TV, Sky Go, Sky Talk and Sky Plus.

Sky and Media Markt Partnership

The collaboration of Sky Media Markt and Sky Media Markt has been a success since it was established at the beginning of the year. Both companies have come up with a wide selection of entertainment options for their customers. Customers now have the Sky’s Pay-TV offerings and Media Market’s wide range of electronic. Media Markt has also created various promotional offers that allow consumers to cut costs on purchases.

Sky’s Popular Services

Sky’s selection of services is unparalleled. Customers can pick from a variety of options, including movies, sports and entertainment. Sky TV gives customers access to more than 300 channels and Sky Go allows customers to stream their favorite content while on the move. Sky Talk provides customers with various telephone and broadband options, and Sky Plus allows customers to record and stream their favourite shows.

Media Markt’s Services

Media Markt is renowned for the wide range of electronic products it offers. Customers can select from a range of goods, such as computers, televisions, smartphones gaming consoles, as well as home appliances. The company also provides various promotional deals that allow users to reduce the cost of purchases.


The collaboration of Sky Media Markt and Sky Media Markt has been a successful partnership since its beginning on the 17th of January in the year 2017. The two companies have created an extensive array of entertainment options for their customers. Customers are now able to the Sky’s Pay-TV service in addition to Media Market’s wide range of electronics. This partnership has enabled consumers to reduce the cost of purchases, and to enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience.

Create Round Pictures Online Easily

Making round images has never been simpler thanks to a variety of internet-based tools and sources. Round images, often known as round images are an excellent method of adding a distinctive and attractive look to any design. When you’re creating an identity, a business card, or even a website, the ability to design a circle is a fantastic method to stand out the rest of the crowd. We’ll go over the meaning of a “round” picture and go over the advantages of making round images online. We’ll also discuss where to locate round picture templates, the best ways you can use them, as well as how to cut out a circular image. In addition, we’ll look at ways you can apply additional effects to your picture to make it more attractive.

What Is a Round Picture?

A round image, or circle image is form of image with an angled, round edge rather than an edge that is straight and rectangular. The use of round images is to create corporate logos and business cards and web designs stand out from the rest. They are also utilized as profile images for social media accounts and also for online ads. These kinds of pictures are becoming more popular as people search for ways to add an individual look to their digital designs.

Benefits of Creating Round Pictures Online

Making round images online has numerous advantages. It’s first and foremost, it’s simple to accomplish. Numerous websites and tools allow you to design a circle by just a few clicks. Second, it’s cost-effective. Many websites and tools that permit users to create circular images are either free or extremely inexpensive. Third, it’s fast. It’s much quicker to design an online round image as compared to creating the same thing from scratch. Finally, it’s versatile. You can make a round image for any project, from logos to a web design.

Where to Find Round Picture Templates

The first step to create round pictures is to identify the template. There are numerous websites on the internet that provide round-shaped templates for free. The majority of these templates have been created by professional designers and have high-quality. The most well-known websites to find round-shaped picture templates are Canva, Adobe Spark, and Pixlr.

Using a Round Picture Template

After you’ve located a round image template, you’ll need to alter it in order to create your own. The majority of internet-based tools and sources permit you to alter the fonts, colors, and other aspects in the design. This is an excellent way to ensure the template is in line with the look and style of your project.

Cutting Out a Round Picture

Once you’ve modified your template you’ll have to cut the template out. This gives the image an elongated, round edges instead of straight rectangular edge. When you’re working with an online resource or tool, it can be typically automated. However, if you’re making the image from scratch you’ll require an application like Photoshop in Adobe Illustrator to trim the image.

Adding Special Effects to Your Round Picture

After you’ve cut the photo, you can then add extra effects in order to make it more attractive. For instance, you can include shadows, gradients and other effects that create an unique style. It is also possible to include logos, text, and other elements to give it a more professional appearance.


Making online round photos is a fantastic method to give an original and captivating design to any project. Utilizing a variety of online tools and tools, you can create a circular image with only two clicks. There are many round-shaped picture templates online, modify the templates to suit your needs or project, cut out the image and then add some special effect to create it more attractive. By following a few easy steps, you’ll be able to create an image with a circle which will make your work distinguish itself from others.

Unlock the Benefits of Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime

Are you in search of an affordable method to gain access to a variety of films, books or music as well as others digitally available content? Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime are two options that provide users with a simple solution to access a huge collection that includes digital media. In this post, we’ll look at what each service is as well as the advantages of each, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of combing them.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is an annual subscription program offered by Amazon which gives you access to more than a million books, audiobooks comics and magazines. You can access the content from any device that has either the Kindle application as well as the Audible app, which includes tablets, smartphones and laptops. You can also browse online, which means you can read your book in the move.

What is Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is an online subscription service provided by Amazon that provides access to a variety of digital content such as television shows, movies and music eBooks and many more. The content can be accessed from any device using Amazon Prime’s Prime Video or Prime Music apps. You can also download all the videos offline meaning you can stream your favourite films and shows while in the move.

What Are the Benefits of Kindle Unlimited?

One of the most significant advantages to Kindle Unlimited is that it offers access to vast variety of books. There are books of all genres including adventures and action to romantic and. There are also books written in several languages, which means you can enjoy books in your home language or pick up the language you want to learn with ease. In addition, you can go through as many books as you’d like without worrying about additional costs.

What Are the Benefits of Amazon Prime?

One of the greatest advantages that comes with Amazon Prime is that it provides access to a variety of online content. You can access television shows, movies as well as music and eBooks across all genres and genre, along with podcasts, audiobooks, and many more. You can also access the content from any device, which means you can watch your favorite shows and movies anywhere anytime.

What Are the Advantages of Combining Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime?

One of the main benefits of the combination of Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime is the access to an enormous variety of online content. With both of these services you have access to books and movies, TV shows music, and much more. You can also access the content from any device, meaning you can access your favorite films, books and TV shows from anywhere and at any time.

What Are the Disadvantages of Combining Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime?

One of the main disadvantages of combing Kindle Unlimited as well as Amazon Prime is that it could be costly. Both of the services have separate subscription costs, so if you would like to use both services it can add quickly. In addition, there could be content only available to one either one or another, meaning you’ll not be able to access it if only signing up to one.


Kindle Unlimited and Amazon Prime are two fantastic services that provide a vast range in digital media. Through Kindle Unlimited, you can enjoy a vast range of audiobooks, books magazines, comic books. Through Amazon Prime, you can enjoy a variety of television shows, films as well as music and eBooks. Combining both services gives you access to an enormous range of content, but it’s not cheap. It is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of each option before making the best choice for you.

The Comprehensive Guide To Electric Salt And Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers were used in kitchens for a long time they provide a fast and simple way to add flavour to food items. In recent times, electronic salt shakers and shakers for pepper have emerged as an essential kitchen tool. Salt and pepper shakers that are electric are a practical and effective method to spice up your meals. In this article you will discover all regarding electric pepper and salt shakers. We will also discuss the advantages they bring as well as the variety of options that are available, their prices, tips to choose the most suitable one, and the best way to maintain them correctly.

What Are Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers?

Salt and pepper shakers that are electric are kitchen appliances which is used to season food items. They’re powered by batteries and feature an engine to grind and disperse salt and pepper right onto food items. Dispensing and grinding process of the salt and pepper are accomplished by pressing one button, which makes it a faster and simpler process than the traditional shakers for salt or pepper.

Benefits of Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers

There are many advantages when using electronic salt shakers and pepper shakers. One of the major benefits is that they are more efficient and practical as compared to traditional shakers for salt and pepper. Salt and pepper shakers that are electric permit you to quickly and effortlessly spice your food with the push of the button. In addition the these shakers aid in reducing time spent at the table. It isn’t necessary grind your salt manually and pepper , and you can swiftly pour it directly onto food items.

Types of Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers

In the case of electrical salt or pepper shakers there are a variety of models readily available. The most popular model is a grinder powered by batteries. This kind used in electric pepper and salt shakers operates by a battery, and employs an engine to crush the salt or pepper prior to dispensing it onto food. Additionally, there are electric pepper and salt shakers which use pumps to distribute the pepper or salt. These kinds of electric salt or pepper shakers tend to be higher priced, but they make the process of the dispensing of salt or pepper much more simple.

Pricing of Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt and pepper shakers that are powered by electricity vary in cost based on the model and the quality. They are generally the least expensive option and can cost between $10 to $25. Electric salt shakers with pumps be priced between $30 and 100 or even more based on the features and quality.

Tips for Choosing the Right Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers

When it comes to selecting the best electronic salt shaker and electric pepper shaker to fit your kitchen there are some aspects to consider. Before you do that, determine what kind or model of salt and pepper shaker you’d like. Are you looking for a battery-operated grinder or a shaker that is operated by a pump? Think about how often you’ll use the electrical salt and pepper shaker, and the amount you’re willing to invest in. Also, search for the electric shakers for salt or pepper that are simple to use, constructed with high-quality materials and are simple to clean.

Maintenance of Electric Salt and Pepper Shakers

It’s essential to properly maintain your electronic salt or pepper shakers to ensure they are in good working order. Following each use, it is important to wash your shakers using a the help of a damp cloth, and then dry them thoroughly. In addition, you must examine the batteries frequently to make sure that they’re functioning effectively. If your electric salt shaker isn’t functioning as it should, it could result from a defective battery or malfunctioning mechanism. In this instance it is recommended to send the shaker to a specialist for repair.


Electronic salt and pepper shakers are a simple and effective method to spice up your food. They’re much quicker and less complicated to use over traditional salt and pepper shakers. They also can save you precious time while cooking. There are a variety that are electric pepper and salt shakers on the market and prices vary from $10-$100 or more, depending on the model and quality. When selecting an electric shaker for salt or pepper it’s crucial to look at the model, price and user-friendliness. It is also important to maintain your these shakers to ensure they are in good working order. Salt and pepper shakers that are electric are a great kitchen appliance that will help you quickly and easily spice up any dish.