Bitcoin Booms as Banking Crisis Hits U.S.: Is This the Great Reset ?

• Bitcoin is experiencing a double-digit rally, possibly in response to the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank.
• Tatiana Koffman, investor and author, believes this could be the beginning of the “Great Reset” which Bitcoin was created to address.
• Alex Thorn will discuss “Bitcoin and Inflation: It’s Complicated” at Consensus 2023.

The Great Reset

Investor and author Tatiana Koffman is just one among many who have turned to bitcoin amid a plague of bank runs – possibly the beginning of what she has described as the “Great Reset.” The Bitcoin network was created as a direct response to the Great Financial Crisis in 2008, during a period when many hardworking people felt both the government and the financial system were working against them.

Bank Runs

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Bank and Signature Bank continue to ripple through the markets, causing U.S. bank stocks to plummet. Most recently, Charles Schwab’s stock was halted in trading Monday morning. Meanwhile, bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrency market are experiencing a double-digit rally, which may be the first time that bitcoin is rallying in a risk-off environment.

Built for This Moment

Perhaps this is exactly the moment bitcoin was built for. The very first block of Bitcoin had an inscription in its code: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks.” Now that regulators are gearing up to backstop another centralized financial system collapse, value is flowing into bitcoin — leading some investors like Koffman to believe this could be it —the start of what she has described as The Great Reset — where people take control over their own finances away from centralized systems and toward decentralized currencies like bitcoin that cannot be manipulated or controlled by governments or corporations alike.

Alex Thorn at Consensus 2023

Alex Thorn will speak on “Bitcoin and Inflation: It’s Complicated” at Consensus 2023. He serves as Head of Firmwide Research at Galaxy Digital Capital Management LLC., offering his expertise on bitcoin with deep understanding on its implications globally across markets and finance infrastructure as well as its potential impact on inflationary pressures worldwide.


Bitcoin appears to have been built for moments like these – when trust in traditional banking institutions fails – making it an attractive option for those who want more autonomy over their finances without having to rely on third party entities such as banks or governments. Amidst this banking crisis there is hope that we can all benefit from decentralization technologies such as cryptocurrency – giving us more freedom than ever before!