Bitcoin, more in demand by wealthy Russians than gold? An odd study sows doubt

Dasvidania with gold?

Although the Russian authorities do not make life easy for crypto-enthusiasts, they do not seem to be less interested in digital assets. For example, in a study on the preferred assets of Russian investors, Bitcoin Lifestyle and its peers received slightly more approval than gold itself.
17% of Russian investors buy cryptos

The World Gold Council is an organization dedicated to the gold market. It has just published a report on the most popular investments in Russia.

A total of 2,023 investors were surveyed online about their investment habits.

„The growth of cryptomoney shows that there is a desire for choice and attractiveness among individual investors. „World Gold Council Report

Bitcoin BTC Gold

In fact, we discover that cryptos are the fifth preferred asset of Russian investors, just ahead of gold metal. 17% of those surveyed said they had invested in cryptos in the last 12 months, compared to 16% for gold.
In which assets have you invested in the last 12 months?
The adoption of cryptomoney in Russia is debatable.

In spite of a very restrictive regulatory framework, Vladimir Putin’s country is still quite advanced in the adoption of cryptomoney. As a Chainalysis report in September showed, on-chain transactions are very high, in proportion to the purchasing power of the inhabitants.

The World Gold Council report gives what is certainly one of the main factors in this surge in the adoption of cryptos: the attraction of the younger generation.

„The 18-24 year olds are much more willing to take risks in order to obtain an exponential return (…) about two thirds are considering investing in cryptos. »

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As a result, even though 75% of investors believe that gold never loses value in the long term and 68% consider the precious metal to be a good protection against inflation, cryptomoney seems to them to be an even more interesting investment opportunity.

The adoption of crypto-actives seems undeniably exponential. Until recently, it would have been unthinkable to imagine that cryptomoney could be preferred to a recognized safe-haven value such as gold. Times are changing and 11 years after its creation, Bitcoin is still only at the beginning of its history.