Staff holiday for 2018 and 2019. Excel planner and one-page Excel calendar

It’s only the beginning of January, but I’ve already received my first request for a calendar of staff holidays (I realize that some people have holidays that are overlapping dates). Here are the employee holiday spreadsheets for the years 2018 as well as 2019. Additionally, I’ve uploaded the Excel calendars for 2018 and 2019.

Staff holiday planer

The first is my spreadsheet for free that will assist you in tracking holiday/staff leave and training days, sick days and maternity/paternity days offsite days, etc.

They are fitted with formulas which will automatically calculate how many holidays remaining (columns C and D) for every employee. If you do not want to utilize this feature, just delete these columns.

In the default, formulas subtract 1 , or 0.5 from the remainder of the holiday when the employee’s cells include”holiday” and half. Copy and paste (ctrl-c, ctrl+v) the colored tags (holiday half, holidays training, holiday, etc.) from the upper left into the planning cells for staff and the totals will automatically adjusted.

The formulas are meant to measure the tags from the beginning column (which is the year that precedes it) until the very end column (which is the year that follows). If you wish to be set according to the calendar, you’ll need to modify the formulas.

Check out the older planner from 2012 for some examples of customisation.

The week numbers are based off of ISO 8601, and the left and top areas of the planner for staff are frozen to ensure that you always see them . This facilitates navigation. Download them here:

Download 2018 staff holiday planner spreadsheet – 12kb Download 2019 staff holiday planner spreadsheet – 12kb

You’ll require a modern spreadsheet application like Excel 2007 or LibreOffice (which is completely free) to see the entire calendar. This is because the employee holiday planner includes more than 360 columns, and certain older spreadsheet programs like Excel 97 don’t support that many columns. A solution if you’re obliged to utilize Excel 97 at work is to utilize LibreOffice at home, which allows you to divide the spreadsheet into two parts: two parts for H1 and another for H2.

One page Excel calendar

With these Excel spreadsheets, you’ll find the entire year’s worth of data in one page. You’ll be able to print it on one A4 sheet if you’d like to.

It is possible to load XLS by using the latest version that comes with Microsoft Excel from 97 onwards and also using the open source OpenOffice as well as LibreOffice.

2018 one page Excel calendar – 4kb 2019 one page Excel calendar – 4kb

The one-page Excel spreadsheet calendars as well as the holiday planners for staff are compressed into zip files. If your operating system doesn’t automatically open the zip files, then you should download no-cost 7-Zip software to dezip the files for you.