Telekom Internet does not work You can fix it

If there’s no Internet access on the Telekom You can follow different steps to create the internet connection. In this tip, we will guide you through the most effective strategies.

Internet Telekom doesn’t work – therefore you must continue

A Internet downtime can be frustrating when you’re working online, playing games , or conducting research. The causes could be numerous and diverse. Thus, make sure to check the following factors:

  • In the beginning, you must verify that all connections are correctly set up including for instance, the LAN cable or if the Wi-Fi connection is working. It is suggested to connect the cable, and then press it into. Also, restarting the computer could be beneficial.
  • If this is not working, you must start over with your Router. After turning off, wait approximately 10 seconds before beginning again. You might need to follow connecting to the Internet.
  • If you own multiple computers or other devices with an Internet connection at home You can determine if you’re only using your computer , or if the issue is everywhere. If you have multiple devices it could be because of a disorder.
  • If the Internet isn’t working like it did before, so you must contact Telecom. Customer support can be reached. You can find out about it here..

The Telecom customer service is accessible 24/7. What contact options do you have? We can provide you with this useful advice.

Telekom customers can reach support via telephone

  • Within the Telecom network the customer center may be reached via the number 2202.
  • For all different wireless network, choose one of the following: 080033 02202.
  • Through the network fixed of Support at 0800 33 01000 to connect.

Telecom customer service via email

  • If you have an email to the Customer Center in need to contact them, use the contact form available on Support page.
  • You can reach the Department by De-Mail: For questions regarding the cellular write to “” when you have problems relating to the fixed network contact “”.

“Telekom helps”: video support via App

  • For those with difficult issues, there is a service from the mobile giant even a video-support: the Application “Telekom helps” takes care of Monday through Friday between 9-21 pm and on Saturdays, 9-20 pm. an individual staff member will attend to solve your issues.

The Telekom customer support is available via Facebook and Twitter

  • Additionally, Deutsche Telekom is social and has its dedicated help forum, the customer center is also accessible on Facebook as well as Twitter. There’s even a YouTube channel that gives you the most frequently asked questions addressed.