Media Markt and Sky Team Up to Offer Customers Unparalleled Entertainment Solutions

The entertainment industry is evolving and grow, two of Europe’s top entertainment and technology providers, Media Markt and Sky have joined forces to offer their customers most comprehensive entertainment options. Media Markt is the leading electronic retailer in Europe and Sky is the leading provider of pay-TV services across the region. Both companies have formed strategic alliances with each other to offer customers the very best on entertainment, technology,, and technology.

What is Media Markt?

Media Markt is a leading electronics retailer with operations in a variety of countries across Europe. Established by the company in 1979 Germany Media Markt was later able to expand its business to other countries, such as Austria, Belgium, France, Poland, the Netherlands and Spain. It has a broad range of items, including computers, televisions gaming consoles, smartphones appliances for the home, and many more. Media Markt is known for its low prices, wide choice of items, and friendly customer support.

What is Sky?

Sky is among the most prominent provider of pay-TV in Europe. The company was established in 1989, and operates throughout its home countries of the UK, Ireland, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. Sky’s offerings consist of Sky TV, Sky Go, Sky Talk and Sky Plus. Customers can pick among a wide range of options, which include movies, sports, and entertainment. Sky also provides a variety of services on-demand including Sky Store, Sky Box Office and Sky Cinema.

What Do the Two Companies Offer?

Each of Media Markt and Sky offer various services and products for their customers. Media Markt provides customers with an array of electronic products such as computers, televisions and smartphones, gaming consoles along with home equipment. Sky offers its customers a wide range of pay-TV options that include Sky TV, Sky Go, Sky Talk and Sky Plus.

Sky and Media Markt Partnership

The collaboration of Sky Media Markt and Sky Media Markt has been a success since it was established at the beginning of the year. Both companies have come up with a wide selection of entertainment options for their customers. Customers now have the Sky’s Pay-TV offerings and Media Market’s wide range of electronic. Media Markt has also created various promotional offers that allow consumers to cut costs on purchases.

Sky’s Popular Services

Sky’s selection of services is unparalleled. Customers can pick from a variety of options, including movies, sports and entertainment. Sky TV gives customers access to more than 300 channels and Sky Go allows customers to stream their favorite content while on the move. Sky Talk provides customers with various telephone and broadband options, and Sky Plus allows customers to record and stream their favourite shows.

Media Markt’s Services

Media Markt is renowned for the wide range of electronic products it offers. Customers can select from a range of goods, such as computers, televisions, smartphones gaming consoles, as well as home appliances. The company also provides various promotional deals that allow users to reduce the cost of purchases.


The collaboration of Sky Media Markt and Sky Media Markt has been a successful partnership since its beginning on the 17th of January in the year 2017. The two companies have created an extensive array of entertainment options for their customers. Customers are now able to the Sky’s Pay-TV service in addition to Media Market’s wide range of electronics. This partnership has enabled consumers to reduce the cost of purchases, and to enjoy the ultimate entertainment experience.